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Jazzed For a Cure

There are 3 ways to purchase the CD. You can purchase a physical CD from CDbaby

The cost of the CD is 12.99 and you can safely use your credit card to pay for the CD

The CD is also available for digital download from Itunes.

You can also buy directly from me. This is the most cost effective because for a minimum donation of 12.99 dollars, you will receive a CD as a gift.  Ten of those dollars will go directly to our contribution to Mass General Hospital to enhance Bone Marrow Patient Care and BMT Research. Nothing against CDbaby and Itunes but they need to make money off the purchase of the CD to stay in business which will reduce the contribution we can make to the Jazzed for  A Cure Fund.

For now, the CD is available direct from me, Red Barn Coffee Shops in Southboro and Westboro, MA as well as at our two CD Release Fundraisers in May, Check the Events link for details and direction.

Red Barn Coffee Locations:

To Purchase Direct from Mike:  Please contact me via email

More about where your donation will go.

Bone Marrow Transplant Patient Care:

Different phases of Blood Cancer treatment require the patient to be confined to their room for weeks at a time. This is especially true of the Bone Marrow Transplant procedure due to not wanting to expose the patient to bacteria and/or viruses. Yes, the patient can have visitors and there are TV’s in the room but having access to a computer can help patients keep in touch with extended family or just surf the web. Not everyone has a computer that they can bring to the hospital for these purposes.

The money we are raising will go towards purchasing several computers that patients can leverage while in the hospital for extended periods.

Bone Marrow Transplant Research and Donor Registration

Bone Marrow Transplants have been employed for several years now as way of treating Blood Cancers. There are 3 types of BMT’s.  An Autologous BMT,  is one type where the patient is the donor. While in remission and after earlier rounds of chemotherapy, the patient goes into a laboratory to make a blood stem cell donation. The stem cells can be collected from the donors blood stream or directly from the bone marrow. These stems cells are then frozen for use during the actual transplant which follows by a couple of weeks. The two other types are Matched Related, meaning the donor is a sibling. The third type is Matched Unrelated. In this case the donor is a match but is not a sibling or family member. When you see those Bone Marrow registration drives, they are simply taking a small blood sample from the perspective donor and entering the information in a database. If there is ever a match, the perspective donor is contacted so they can make the actual stem cell donation.

Once we fund the laptops, future money will be going toward research and assisting Bone Marrow Registration drives by paying for advertising as an example.